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Cape York Sustainable Futures is the regional development organisation for the people of Cape York.  It is our role to foster a Cape York which is economically independent, environmentally protected, and with a stable community where the people are empowered to take control of their future.

Cape York has potential to be a united and prosperous region, with strong and sustainable economic development, and where people have the same opportunities for employment as all other Queenslanders.  Our philosophy is for the people of Cape York to work together for a common purpose, to speak with a united voice in order to move forward to meet the communities’ aspirations.

CYSF has four key principles that underpin its work for the residents of Cape York Peninsula:

  • Community: A cohesive and empowered community for Cape York Peninsula, enjoying an enhanced quality of life.
  • Social: Developing strong social infrastructure to support our residents.
  • Economic sustainability: Creation of a sustainable and strong economic base.
  • Environment: Effective management now, and for future generations, of Cape York Peninsula residents and all visitors to the region.

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Tourism Cape York (TCY) was established in late 2012 under the auspices of CYSF. TCY is led by the CYSF CEO and a committee led by long term and respected Cape York tourism industry identity Mike Hintz, principal of Oz Tours. TCY is the officially recognised Local Tourism Organisation (LTO) for Cape York, and has achieved substantial membership support. The formation of TCY had an immediate impact beneficial to Cape York operators, and numerous accolades have been received advising increased business turnover as a result of its formation and activities. Five key priorities which are listed below are the core activities of TCY:

  • Speak as one voice – Build membership, bring stakeholders together/sharing of information – networking opportunities
  • Destination Promotion: To promote Cape York as a destination, with its, many places, experiences and journeys. Epic by Nature…
  • Visitor Orientation: To facilitate pre-trip planning and during visit orientation of the attractions, activities and experiences which make Cape York Epic by Nature for self drive visitors.
  • Planning and Advocacy: To guide the planning for the growth of sustainable tourism that supports the Cape York region and advocates in the interests of the Cape’s tourism businesses.
  • Product Development and Mentoring: To facilitate new products on the Cape and mentor emerging tourism businesses.

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Cape York Business Enterprise Centre. The main objective of the Cape York BEC is to build the capacity of all existing and new businesses across the region.  CYSF has held a number of meetings across the region since 2011 that indicated to us the urgent need to establish the BEC in 2013.  Unfortunately, we have not had the resources to date in order to promote these services, but this year, we will ensure that we obtain the necessary resources to build our own capacity to deliver these most important services to Cape York.

Since the establishment of the Cape York Alliance, it is even more important that the BEC is in a position to be fully operative especially with the Peninsula Development Road upgrade which is anticipated to be the catalyst to grow the economic development of the region.  Now, with the Alliance connections, it is evident that there is a growing number of people and organisations seeking our services.  There is much to do in the space of Indigenous Economic Development, hence, the separate budget.  CYSF has long advocated that it is not only big business, but also small micro enterprises that will start to drive a diverse economy for the Cape.

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Australian Small Business Advisory Service, North Australia Tourism Initiative

Cape York Sustainable Futures (CYSF), in conjunction with Cape York Business Enterprise Centre and Tourism Cape York, is pleased to advise that our Australian Small Business Advisory Service (ASBAS-NATI) Programme currently has six streams under Growing Tourism Businesses in Cape York initiative. This programme is available to tourism small business operators and intenders in the Cape York region and specifically the shires of Aurukun, Cook, Hope Vale, Kowanyama, Lockhart River, Mapoon, Napranum, Northern Peninsula Area, Pormpuraaw, Weipa, Wujal Wujal and Torres.

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