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Aboriginal Tours
Accompany One of the rangers from the Laura sandstone region and explore aboriginal rock art galleries which have been listed by UNESCO as being amongst the top 10 sites in the world
(bookings are through the Quinkan and Regional Cultural Centre). Culture Connect offers an exciting array of tours , activities and accommodation with options to taste bush tucker, experience the healing powers of nature, discover breathtaking scenery, ancient rock art galleries, meet artists or take an art workshop yourself to gain a first-hand insight into the creation of contemporary Aboriginal art. Tours are also available in the Bloomfield area with the ‘Walker Family Tours’.

There are very good art centres at Hope Vale, Wujal Wujal and Lockhart River providing local Indigenous artists support and the ability to
showcase their work. Local arts and crafts are on display at the Old Cooktown Railway Station. Free Bird Arts and Craft at Seisa offers local
handicrafts and art. There are also some great non-indigenous art galleries in Cooktown featuring art and crafts made by local artists.

Laura Dance Festival
See the Indigenous dancers kick up a (dust) storm at one of the largest gatherings of Indigenous people in Australia. Held every 2 years- see Events section.

Jaura Dance Festival 044


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