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Heathlands Regional Park/Jardine National Park

Head east to the coast and explore the remote beach and sea caves at Captain Billy Landing. Drive north to Eliot Falls to discover a surprising oasis surrounded by a vast open savannah on an ancient sandstone landscape. Known as a ‘wet desert’, fresh water is abundant here, not only in the mighty Jardine River but in numerous swamps and streams. Explore the park on walking tracks that follow creek banks and refresh in the crystal clear croc-free waters at Twin Falls and the scenic Fruit Bat Falls. Be amazed by the rich variety of plant life, from tiny carnivorous sundews to strange ant plants and diverse heath communities. See many different birds, including the northern race of brush-turkeys with their purple instead of yellow wattles.

Ranger’s tips:
• Cool off in ‘The Saucepan’, a natural ‘spa’ near Elliot Falls.
• Explore the remote coastline of Captain Billy Landing or Ussher Point.
• Take up the challenge of driving the Old Telegraph Track.

Camping: Sleep beneath clear starry skies, listening to the wind whispering through the leaves and the nocturnal rustling of wildlife around your cosy tent. Enjoy the comforts of Eliot Falls camping area or ‘go bush’ at camping sites along the Jardine River or at Ussher Point. Captain Billy Landing camping area has toilet and picnic facilities.

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