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Cape Melville National Park

Venture off the beaten track at the rugged yet beautiful Cape Melville where headlands of tumbled granite boulders meet the white sandy beaches of Bathurst Bay. Challenge yourself (and your 4WD) as you tackle tidal creek crossings, corrugations, washouts and soft sand on the roads through this extremely isolated park. Soak up the isolation as you relax in the shade of the wongai trees on the beach. Try your luck fishing in the creeks or off the beach but remember to be croc wise.

Ranger’s tip: Relax with a cool drink on the sands at Cape Melville where the sunsets are the best!

Camping: Enjoy self-sufficient remote bush camping near the beach at Bathurst Bay and Ninian Bay. There are no facilities here but there are ‘5-star’ coastal views!

Cape Melville croc camp site. Source- Janie White_QGCape Melville croc camp site. Source- Janie White_QG
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