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Oyala Thumotang National Park

Feel the sense of freedom of being immersed in a vast, isolated landscape. Eucalypt woodlands and melaleuca swamps, dotted with waterholes and lagoons, stretch between the mighty Archer and Coen rivers to the foothills of the MacIlwraith Range. The park is rich in cultural significance for the Aboriginal Traditional Owners and many families lived and worked here when this park was a cattle station. Explore the park by 4WD and on foot, walking along watercourses and around waterholes—there are no formal walking tracks. Discover lily-clad lagoons and river banks fringed with rainforest and paperbarks. Drop a fishing line in a waterhole and look for antilopine wallaroos and small agile wallabies nearby. Enjoy rewarding bird watching, spotting both waterbirds and forest birds.

Ranger’s tip: Look for palm cockatoos perched in rainforest along the river banks.

Camping: Stay in a remote bush camp site beside a waterhole or riverbank. Camping is spread throughout the park—from the park entrance it is 74km to the Coen River camp sites, 78km to the Langi camp sites and 125km to the Archer Bend camp sites. You need to be self-sufficient and there are no facilities. Remember to be croc wise.

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