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Rinyirru National Park

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Unwind at this iconic park, renowned for its vast river systems and spectacular wetlands. In the wet season, the rivers spill across the landscape and flood vast areas but during the dry season, the waters recede leaving behind permanent waterholes, lakes and lagoons. Spend tranquil days fishing for barra from the river bank or from your boat. Explore the park by 4WD and look for wildlife such as crocodiles resting on riverbanks, bustards striding across grassy plains and wallabies drinking at waterholes along the way. Step back in time at Old Laura Homestead, the original homestead for one of the first cattle stations on the Cape. Watch the setting sun silhouette the pinnacles of termite mounds dotted over the vast grassy Nifold Plain.

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Ranger’s tips:

• Take a picnic lunch to Kalpowar Crossing then stroll along the Kalpowar Discovery walk.
• See picturesque lotus lilies and water lilies at Red and White Lilly lagoons.
• Watch waterbirds feeding in the early morning or late afternoon at Rarda-Ndolphin (Low Lake).

Nifold PlainNifold Plain









Camping: Take your pick of the many bush camp sites near secluded waterholes or stay in one of the popular camping areas (with toilet facilities) at Kalpowar and Hann river crossings.

Rinyirru_Hann River camping_080713_000241_Adam Creed_QGHann River Crossing
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