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Roadhouses are conveniently spaced along the Peninsular Development Road, providing food and fuel, as well as accommodation; enabling you to travel all the way to the top without camping,
should you wish to. There is a general store in Coen, and supermarkets in Weipa, Lockhart River, and Bamaga. The Roadhouses are a great place to stop and meet some of the locals, so you can get updates on road conditions, and possibly some ‘inside information’ on some of the lesser known attractions. Travelling north you will pass Lakeland Roadhouse, Laura Roadhouse, Hann River Roadhouse, Musgrave Roadhouse, Archer River Roadhouse, Moreton Telegraph Station, and Bramwell Junction at the start of the Old Telegraph Line track and Bypass Roads. You can stop for a swim along the way, in the shallow sandy rivers of Coen and Archer River.

An hour or two past Musgrave Station is Coen, a township of around 300 people, situated along the Coen River. There is free camping at the Gold Mine on the way into town, or along the river
north of town; there is a drop toilet here.

About 70km north of Coen is Archer River Roadhouse, on the banks of the River. They have a big camping area with many facilities, including hot showers, toilets, washing machines, and noncamping accommodation. The roadhouse has fuel, a café, a bar, and they do some mechanical repairs.

The Bamaga Road has two bypass roads which detour the Old Telegraph Track (OTL), allowing travellers to drive to The Tip without having to negotiate the rough OTL. These pass through the
highlands to the east and west of the OTL. This section has the iconic waterfalls of Fruitbat, Twin, and Eliot falls. Fruitbat Falls are just an easy 5 minute drive in, but Twin and Elliot are about 15 minutes in, and have a creek crossing which can get deep.

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Map 10- Coen Archer Map

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