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Hopevale Arts & Cultural Centre

In 2009, the new Hopevale Arts and Cultural Centre was opened, along with the Nganthanun Bamawi Bayan Gallery which displays locally produced arts, crafts and artifacts as well as a workshop space for local artists.

Hopevale Arts and Cultural Centre have a large range of locally made items to suit every taste and budget. While government funding supports a portion of operational costs, the centre relies on the sales of products and bookings for dance performances to maintain sustainable business. Over 80 members utilise the centre on a regular basis to produce the art sold in the local gallery and southern exhibitions. The seasonal tourism market supports local artists as well as the Yimbaala Dance Group.

Bookings can be made with the centre to provide a traditional lunch (locally caught bush tucker and sea food cooked in a ground oven), dance performances, billy tea, weaving demonstrations, a chance to meet the local artists, interact with community members and to purchase art directly through the centre.

Free tourist information is also provided by either staff or practising artists.

Contact details

Address: 1 Flierl Street, Hope Vale, Qld, 4895
Phone: 07 4060 9111

Hopevale Arts CC

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