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Places of Interest

Bustard Downs

Bustard downs

This Outback Organic Farm is situated along the inland route, a short distance past Mt Molloy, and offers a range of accommodation and activities. Email: Phone: (07) 40943094


The only place in the world where two World Heritage-listed sites exist side by side – Daintree National Park and The Great Barrier Reef! Here you will find coastal ranges covered in some of the oldest tropical rainforest in the world, stretching all the way to the beach, and overlooking the world’s most extensive coral reef […]


The Pormpuraaw Deed of Grant in Trust (DOGIT) occupies 466,198 hectares and is approximately 700 km west of Cairns, on the west coast of Cape York. Pormpuraaw has a population of approximately 630 (as of June 2001), with about 90% of the total population being of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin. Pormpuraaw Community lands […]


Laura Indigenous rock art

Gold mining and pastoralism are the industries which have given birth to the townships of Coen and Laura which are now significant service centers for travellers. These townships are home to a number of third generation pastoral families with historical association within the area and Aboriginal clan groups including Gugu Ballanji, Ayapathu, Gugu Minni, Lama […]


The name Kowanyama means “The place of many waters.” The community is situated on the banks of the Magnificent, a tributary of the Mitchell River 20 km inland from the coastline of the Gulf of Carpentaria. Kowanyama is accessed by an all weather airstrip, as well as unsealed roads in the dry season from Pormpurraw […]


Hope Vale is situated 46 km north of Cooktown and about 10 km off the Battlecamp Road that leads to Lakefield National Park and Laura. Hope Vale was established as a Lutheran Mission in 1949. The community covers an area of 110,000 hectares and is a Deed of Grant in Trust (DOGIT) land. Today’s population […]

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