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Rinyirru to Port Stewart via Running Creek

This newly opened section of road enables you to go north from Rinyirru National Park, through Running Creek Nature Reserve, to Port Stewart, and bypass a section of the PDR (see map). About 20km between the Park boundary and the Peninsular Development Road at Musgrave Roadhouse is the turn off North to Running Creek. This section of road has been recently upgraded as far as

River crossing along the TrackRiver crossing along the Track- Stewart River

Running Creek and can be accessed by any 4WD vehicle; it does pass through Lilly Vale Station so travellers are asked to show respect when driving through by limiting the amount of dust and always leaving gates as you find them (see Youtube clip of road). Camp grounds are planned for Running Creek and at Port Stewart in the near future, but it is mainly used as a short cut to Port Stewart at this stage. The road North of Running Creek is not graded as is more of a track (see Youtube clip of road). Once you reach Port Stewart there are few facilities (no fuel or general store). You can camp near the boat ramp; however, Silver Plains Station is a short distance from the coast and has camping on the property, with opportunity to interact with the local Lama Lama people who run it.

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