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Overland Telegraph Line Track

This is definitely one of the Cape’s most iconic 4WD tracks, which draws people from all over the country wanting to test their vehicles, and experience some of the most scenic country on the IMG_1821Cape. The OTL track is an unmaintained route following the path of the original overland telegraph line, starting from Bramwell Junction and continuing to the Jardine River. This track takes you through some beautiful countryside, and requires all the proper recovery gear, and ideally some previous ‘adverture 4WD’ experience. The highlights are definitely the many crystal clear creeks you will cross, not only providing great swimming and camping opportunities, but some hairy entry and exit routes to challenge the most experienced drivers; there are also some tamer routes allowing you to  bypass the difficult crossings, including a bypass via Heathlands, past the Ranger Station (see map).

IMG_1836Looking down the main route into Gunshot Creek

This Track has earned its reputation by claiming many vehicles each year as people try and cross the deep creeks early in the year. Nolan’s Brook is the deepest of these, and extreme care should be taken- a snorkel is highly recommended on your vehicle!

On the southern section of the OTL there are campsites at Bertie Creek, Dulhunty River (off a small way from the OTL), Gunshot Creek and Cockatoo Creek. The northern section of the OTL has the lovely Fruit Bat Falls which offers a refreshing swim on the way to the campground at the stunning natural pools at Eliot Falls and Twin Falls. Eliot Falls has a Queensland Parks Wildlife Services camping area and there are campsites on the northern and southern banks of the Jardine River. On the northern section of the OTL there are bush camping sites at Sam Creek and Cypress Creek. The Jardine Ferry provides access across the Jardine, Queensland Parks Wildlife Services and the Regional Council have closed the Jardine River Crossing on the OTL.









Gunshot 'chicken track'Gunshot ‘chicken track’









Shady camp ground on the southern sectionShady camp ground on the southern section
Palm Creek, Nth sidePalm Creek, Nth side
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